A major new program funded and sponsored by the MHC Foundation, Nashville Sites focuses on incorporating scholarly research with historic sites in Nashville with delivery available on all devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop. The tours are pre-planned and based on themes, but participants will have the opportunity to customize their experience based on their own interest, provides an individualized adventure-style experience.


NashvilleSites.org is sponsored by the Metro Historical Commission Foundation. The Metropolitan Historical Commission Foundation is an organization focused on history based on place, education, community outreach, and modernizing the ways in which the public can navigate local history in a mobile and interactive world.


There are over 150 metro markers, over 50 more state and nationally designated and recognized historic markers, sites, buildings, and districts in Metro Nashville. Points to be included for this project range from the earliest known business to the Ryman Auditorium to historical churches to government buildings. NashvilleSites.org will make the offline world more interesting and relevant by augmenting Nashville’s history with multimedia information and other online resources. This project is designed to provide an expansive range of walking, and ultimately driving, tours that guide the user throughout the city and provide credible and accessible information, images, and audio. As a city known to promote both tradition and progress, tours are based on a wide range of themes that focus on Nashville’s history and culture: celebrations and conflicts, accomplished women and men, landmarks and hidden histories. Let the journey begin.